Among our favorite types of cases involve our West Virginia Adoption Attorneys. When divorce is rampant, and couples who once loved each other are tearing each other apart so often, it’s a joy and a pleasure to join together a child who is alone and the parents who love them. Sometimes the child is a newborn baby, and sometimes the child is a teen or even a young adult.  People need to know they belong and adoption provides a sense of connection and belonging that few other things can. Some of our happiest days are the ones where we send a happy couple out the door with a baby in arms, whose last name now matches theirs.  Or the family of four, one of whom has arrived from China, and is the bouncy toddler with the shiny black hair, all smiles as he talks to the judge about his mommy and daddy.

Let us enjoy these moments with you! Our Huntington WV Adoption Lawyers are experienced and seasoned in the necessary steps, such as the home study by a social worker, for instance, that must take place to protect your child’s position in the family, connection to you legally and sometimes even citizenship in this country.  We want your entire adoption experience to be a joyful memory, of the day your already entwined hearts were bonded together in the eyes of the law.

Our experienced adoption attorneys can walk with you through the adoption process and will take the necessary steps to make it as stress-free as possible. Call a Huntington adoption lawyer today at 304-522-7730 for a free consultation.