The transition from marriage to single life can be financially difficult for many individuals. Especially after many years of marriage or when children are involved this transition can be especially difficult. It is necessary to discuss your legal options for alimony and child support following divorce with a well qualified West Virginia alimony and child support lawyer.

In some marriages, both spouses will make an equal income. In most marriages one spouse can be considered the primary earner in the family, with the other spouse relying on them for financial support. Alimony is used to compensated the lesser earning spouse until they are independently stable financially. Many factors are considered when making decisions on alimony. The length of the marriage will be a major deciding factor; a marriage lasting three years is less likely to receive alimony than a marriage lasting twenty years. Education, income level, standard of living, division of property and age are all factors that will be consider when awarding alimony. Also, it is possible for a spouse to receive support for alimony along with child support when appropriate.

Raising a child requires a large investment of your income. Following a divorce or separation a one parent may now raise the child on their own as a primary caregiver. Child support is likely to be awarded in most divorce cases because of an unequal financial burden on one parent that must be compensated by the other parent.  Our family law attorneys are experts at negotiating child support agreements between both parties. It is important that a child support amount be decided on that is attainable based on ones income and standard of living, but also that the child receive the full financial support they need from both parents.

As with all divorce and family law matters, you want an attorney who is experienced in working with families and can settle you matter quickly. The Huntington WV alimony and child support attorneys from the law firm of Sammons, Olivero & Paraschos will patiently work with your family to discuss matters of spousal support and child benefits following a divorce or separation. Alimony and child support payments must be carefully calculated taking into account all factors that are used to determine these amounts.

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