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A major part of a divorce is the fair distribution of all assets. Houses with a single income are common, and also households where one spouse makes significantly more than the other. Just because one person has been providing most or all of the income does not mean that he or she should then get most or all of the assets.

Of course, one major rule of property disbursement is that whatever the spouse brings into the marriage, the spouse gets to keep. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about losing your family heirlooms, keepsakes, or gifts to you. These are your personal property.

Marital property is a different story, and is a bit trickier to navigate. Our Huntington divorce lawyers will help to ensure a fair and equal division of marital property, though a perfect solution isn’t usually possible. Gifts or property that you own as a couple will be harder to split up. The longer the marriage, the more complicated it becomes to divvy up the assets. Fortunately, our experienced team of Huntington property distribution lawyers have handled many financial and property distribution cases and

The process of divvying up marital property is called equitable distribution. The idea is that the property and finances should be split in half, but obviously not everything can be split right down the middle. Diving a house, retirement plans, or a shared business is a bit more complicated. Often, one spouse will basically have to buy the other out. Child support and alimony are other factors that will impact the division of property.

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