Family and custody disputes can be very complex, especially between generations with conflicting interests.  Often after a divorce, grandparent visitation can be diminished or discontinued, leaving them unable to see a grandchild, even if they had been a significant part of the child’s life previously.  Our Huntington Grandparents Rights Lawyers fight to protect your visitation or custodial rights in the best interest of your grandchildren.

West Virginia Grandparent Custody

Family law and grandparents’ rights in West Virginia are intricate and need the expertise of an experienced family lawyer.  If the parents are unfit, we will fight for the best interests of the child and get you custody of your grandchildren.  In West Virginia, the custodial parent must be completely out of the picture in order to obtain custody rights for the grandparent.  Our West Virginia Grandparents Rights attorneys will help you prove that they custodial parent is absent and you should be granted custody in their stead.

West Virginia Grandparent Visitation

If you have been denied visitation by the custodial parent for a period of six months or more and your child has been precluded from seeing the child by a court order, in jail, deceased, or in the armed forces more than 100 miles away from the state border, you may be entitled to visitation.  Also, if your grandchildren lived with you for an extended period but were removed by the custodial parent, you can seek visitation.

If you are fighting to gain visitation or custody of your grandchildren, the Huntington Family Law Attorneys at Sammons, Olivero, & Paraschos can help.  Call today: 304-522-7730.