When a child’s parents aren’t married, the courts have to establish paternity, in a process called allocation of parental rights.  In the U.S. having a child outside of a marriage is increasingly common. Once paternity is established, then child support and custody disputes can go forward.  An experienced Huntington parental rights attorney at Sammons Olivero Paraschos can help you navigate these complex cases an get you the results your deserve.

Child Support

Once the paternity of the child has been determined, legal action can be taken to obtain child support to pay for the upbringing of the child.  Our West Virginia Family Lawyers will work with you to establish a parenting plan and file for child support for financial help.

Unwed Fathers’ Rights

In West Virginia, without an allocation of paternity, unwed fathers have no legal right to child custody or visitation.  This means any access to your child’s life is controlled by your child’s mother. If she cuts off contact or moves out of state, you have no legal recourse.

By obtaining an allocation of parental rights, fathers have the right to custody or visitation arrangements. This also means they can be responsible for child support to financially take care of their children, but they also have input into important decisions about the upbringing of a child including religion, schools, etc.

If you are looking to establish paternity, obtain an order for child support, or are an unwed father seeking visitation or custody, an experienced West Virginia Parental Rights Attorney at Sammons, Olivero, & Paraschos can help.  Call today for a consultation: 304-522-7730.