Child custody issues are matters of the law that must be dealt with very carefully. Parental disagreements are very difficult for a child to face, matters of child custody and shared parenting must be agreed upon quickly to avoid unnecessary stress and confusion for the child. A Huntington child custody lawyer from the law firm of Sammons, Olivero, & Paraschos will help you protect the welfare of your child or children during this process and for the years that follow.

There are many important issues that need to be discussed during a divorce or separation; child custody agreements are considered the most critical issues in most divorce cases. It is important that all possible outcomes are evaluated to make the best decision for the child and the family. A skilled West Virginia family law attorney can walk you through this process and discuss options with both parties to formulate an agreement in a thorough and efficient manner.

Legal child custody refers to legal decisions surrounding who is responsible to care and provide residency for a child following a divorce or separation. A parent with legal custody of a child is required by law to make decisions for the child. In medical or educational situations a parent with legal custody is responsible to represent the child’s best interests. In most child custody cases, joint legal custody will be decided and both parents will share the right and responsibility to make important decisions for their minor child.

Where a child will live following divorce is another matter that needs to be discussed following a divorce. The term residential custody refers to where a child will reside a majority of the time. Probably the most important factor taken into consideration when deciding residential custody is location of the child’s school. In most cases, one parent will have primary physical custody and another will have visitation time and may be required to pay child support.

In child custody cases, many parents are afraid to make formal legal arrangements for fear that they will lose rights to visit their child freely and be required to pay large amounts for child support. A shared parenting lawyer in Huntington, West Virginia from the Sammons, Olivero, & Paraschos knows the importance of having these agreements in place. A child custody agreement protects you child from uncertainly and will insure they are being cared for regardless of the relationship between you and your former spouse. Our Huntington family law attorneys have worked with countless families in the past to arrange shared parenting agreements that both parties can agree on.

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